Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey all!
Im in Sweden and its all go.. hopefully ill have some spare time and a computer and can start getting back up to date.. but anyways.. until then.. im still alive, and swedens going pretty well!
peace out!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day 57!!

Well after writing the blog yesterday I went back to the hostel for a while. By the way.. the hostel is great ay! If you are ever in London or Berlin then stay at 'the generator'!! Its fantastic! Really nice and modern, cool design and interior, great services and all around big thumbs up! First up I decided id go to the bar and try this Berlin speciality called 'Berlin Weisse' its a beer that originated when French came to Berlin and didnt like the beer because it was too bitter so they added syrup to it. You can get it in green or red, and I hear the green is nasty.. so I triend the red and it was pretty good ay! Very sweet and hardly like drinking beer at all.. but was quite different and cool.

After that I tried ringing home and about a grand total of 1 minute talking time cost me 9$NZ.. grrr!! But ahh well.. I then retired to my room where I noticed two other lockers were being used (room of 6 beds) so I figured I would have 2 roommates for this night. I decided to go back down to the communal area, and veged out for a little watching some TV and drinking lotsa free mineral water, and then went back up to my room.. got readyish for bed and started moving my stuff around, and then I heard the keycard in the door.

You can imagine my suprise when two girls entered!! They were both medical students from the UK (studying in Newcastle) and were having a trip around Europe in their holidays. Their names are Anna and Jessica, and we had a big long chat about all kinda of things from travel, to study, to getting lost, to tips of what to do and not do and all kinda of stuff, it was cool. Later on we set the alarms for 7.15 (they wanted to make the most of their next day in Berlin. good stuff!) and after brushing teeth and hopping into bed and stuff said goodnight. It was kinda strange saying goodnight to a girl (s) that were sleeping in the same room as I was. Musta been like 15ish years since I did it last and that was when I shared my room with my sister so quite different!!

In the morning we got up and the girls had a shower, and I laxed around for a bit and chatted whoever wasnt in the little toilet/shower room, and then we went down to breakfast. Again it was a great feed compared to what ive had in other places especially Italy.. so I tanked up, made 3 rolls for lunch, and we all went back up to our room to pack up and then said our goodbyes. I then had a shower, backed up my bag, checked out and went off on my way. I took the S Bahn to the main trainstation (scenic route to chew up some time), and then got on to my train to Hamburg. Before I knew it I was there and it was raining..

Anyhow, I rang Arianes friends friend Christian who had my suitcaes and arranged to pick it up. I caught the U bahn out to the relevant stop, and after meeting Christian and having a chat in German hopped back onto a train into the centre city. Christian joined me for one stop, then we said goodbye. I then found my hostel which is basically an apartmnent with a few rooms they rent out for backpackers :D. It has insence smell and a Bhudda statue out front too. I repacked my suitcase (gonna be heavy!) and then went back into town.

First I went ot the waterfront and triend to get a ticket to The Lion King, but it was solidly booked and horrificly priced.. which was a shame! I tried a fish bun thing (Hamburgs very big on the seafood which is just fine by me!) anfd then went to the City hall. The city hall here is a super impressive building, and in an inner courtyard is an equally cool fountain. I relax and hid from the rain for a while, and then checked out the market infront of the city hall for a while.

If you remember I went with Björn to the Fischmarkt in Stuttgart.. welöl that was from Hamburg, and in return Stuttgart sends a markt to Hamburg too.. I think this must have been that exact markt, because there was Maultaschen for sale.. and a few places with Stuttgart in the name. It was a really nice set up and I wandered around, had a Rote Wurst, and then started wandering in the rain.

I passed a really nice old cathedral spire, with no attached church, and then went to Saint Catherines church, where I took some time out for a good half hour, and then braved the now torrential rain back to a U Bahn stop. Trying any more sightseeing was gonna be stupid as I was already half soaked.. so after training home, and spending 15 minutes trying to get into the accomodation (stupid keys dont work!!) I finally made it. I hung up my jacket, then just bummed round for a bit. I then went out, forgetting my wallet, but being unable to get back in.. So I walked up and down the street the hostels on for a bit, checked out the places to eat and stuff.. and now Im back again after another good 20 minute struggle with the keys and its 7.30ish. Its seems whenever I predict what im gonna do for the evening im wrong or something more exciting happens.. but im pretty sure this time ill just sit in my room a while.. maybe go out and get an icecream or something.. then have a read an an early night hoping tomorrow is finer! (also I may not get much sleep tomorrow night as I have no accomodation in Sweden for that night ha ha! gonna rough it in a trainstation or something I think).

Anyhow.. Catcha later huh!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 56!

Today I got up around 9 as I had the room to myself (sweet! my own shower and everything!), and after loading up on a very generous brekky of many cereals, yoghurt, bread rolls, cheese and delicious ham (I made 2 rolls for lunch :D) I filled up on free mineral water and headed off. First I explored around some of West Berlin. First I got out at the Brandenburger Tor and had a better look at the very impressive Bundestag building.. from here I wandered across to the offices of the Bundeskanzler(in :D), and along the Spree a bit (which looked just like an olympic set up.. probably where they held some water events).

After this I checked out the big monument on the 17th of June Street.. forgotten what its called. But its really cool, has a big golden victory statue ontop, and the pillar has cannons from defeated countries on it :D love it! From the top was a great view of the city too. I stayed there quite a while, and then walked through a nice park with some lakes with INCREDIBLE reflections, and walked past the zoo (which if I had one more day I would SO visit! i think Berlin zoo is a good one too!). Soon I was at the Karl Wilhelm Gedaenknis Kirche which was fantastic!! The other two buildings they have erected next to it are pretty ugly really.. But the church itself is great!!

Outside the church I watch some street performers breakdancing, and a guy doing paintings entirely with spraypaint (very impressive.. might be the same guy Arnulf got a painting from.) After this I wandered for a bit and went to some random Rathaus that sucked, so I went to the Schloss Hottenburg. This had a few nice statues inside.. but was no big deal.. But walking around and catching the trains was all good fun!

It was now around 3 something, so I caught a train to East Berlin, and had another look at some of the amazing squares and buildings I had seen yesterday. I wanted to go and see that great memorial to the Jews again.. but didnt know exactly where it was unfortunately. After this I had a bite to eat, listened to some singers nearby, had a lax in the Lustgarten, tried to stop a few people getting robbed blind by the sneaky Russian people and being threatened for it, and then went to a couple of big museums for free! (go late Thursdays!!) both were great! But my highlights from each were 1.) A massive gate leading into the old Babylon (a wonder of the world!!! awesome!), and in the other an amazingly kept clay mask of an Egyptian queen.. it was truely amazing!

At 8 or so I cought a train back home, and saw an amazing sunset. Once at my stop I got off and went to the internet cafe, and when I get back to the hostel I think ill have some water, have a relax, and have a quiet one I think.. should be nice!!

Bye! :D

After this (around 8)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day 55! (16th August)

Well today was a loooooong day!! Im back on German keyboards so forgive me if i get my y and zs muddled up a bit and a few other minor mistakes :S.

Anyway, after the last blog entry which I made lateish last night I just kinda hung out in the lounge with Kate, Brandon, and one of their flatties Andy for a while too. Andy headed off, and by about 11.30 or so I guess Brandon did too. I had to be at the liverpool street station by three which ment leaving the house at like 2.. so I figured there wasnt much point having a sleep by then. But Kate stayed up the whole time and had a chat with me which was really nice of her! In the background was also a dreepy real life CSI show. Finally 2 rolled around and I said goodbye, which was weird after only really saying hello.. but I was really glad I stayed there!

I got to Liverpool Street with heapsa time to spare.. but when the bus turned up it was already almost full! I guess people wanted to get in early cozza all the delays etc! I was stressing a little but not too bad.. and actually managed to get a seat! But then the bus just sat there for 30 minutes so I was starting to get a bit stretched for time. I was already dog tired.. and kinda felt like collapsing.. but the bus seat was way too uncomfy and small to sleep and I had so much more to do.

At the terminal I lined up for like an hour and then for some weird reason they said I had to check my baggage into oversized.. (crazy!!). I was poushed for time and having to join an additional 30 minute line for oversized baggage before the big security check was not what I needed. With about 25 minutes before my flight left (It said to report to the gate 30 min before or the plane would go without you..) I started the line for security which I only got to the end of with 2 minutes to spare.. I sprinted around.. then had to wait for a transfer train thing.. then busted it up to the gate and they let me in (a few secs to spare..) PHEW!! Although they did wait around a bit longer after I got on for a few others.. but still!! Man Im glad I dont have many more Ryanair flights (especially outta London!!).

I woulda loved to sleep on the plane.. but it didnt happen which was dumb.. but anyway.. around 9.20 I arrived in Berlin. It was kinda weird, coz I knew the language so Its quite different than being in France or Italy! I caught a train then another train, then another (coz I got on in the wrong direction) and then finally got to my hostel which is a REALLY nice place, great location, and cheaper than most the places ive been staying in too.

It was great becuase they let me check in.. and so I went up to my room and had a shower (ahhh!), altho in the process realised I ledt my ipod charger and converter (which I need for camera charger too) at Kates which was stupid of me!!! Anyhow.. I was out on my feet, but thought id go into Berlin anyway and catch a free 4 hopur walking tour. Everytime I sat down my eyes would uncontrollably close and Id kinda start swaying.. it was really freaky!! Dunno why I was so tired! But I seemed to finally perk up later.

The tour was great, the guide was interesting and friendly, and we went around alot of big sites in Berlin. Berlins a really interesting and constantly evolving city.. It was a great tour! There are some incredible buildings around! And it looks like alot of fantastic museums and churches too. Ontop of this was rich history of the Nazi regeime and the communist occupation (east and west Berlin and Germany) which was all really fascinating and cool!! One of my novel favourites was this incredible chocolate shop. The stuff they sold was divine!! And in the windows they had chocolate sculptures of the Brandenburger Tor, Titanic, A famous church here in Berlin, and one other thing.. Amazing!!

At the end of the tour I saw some russian people (well foreign and russian sounding) doing that ball under a cup thing where there are 3 cups and they mix them all up and you have to say which one the balls under.. but it was obvious was totally rigged and you couldnt win, and they would take you for 50 EUROS A POP!!! They always had 3 or 4 others standing around who were obviously in cahoots who would always play and loose then win and scold the other when they chose wrong.. They were vultures ay! They would try suck someone in, and one they played one would get in their ear and stuff, and they would hold you there and block your path if you tried to leave!! People would loose their 50 and be peeved, and wanna leave, but the frustration of loosing the 50 and waning to win it back was all they needed to work on and man it was terrible. I felt sick watching them rob naive touristrs blind.. Oh well...

After this I got an icecream and a delicious Johannesberry slice, then wandered around a little before going to the main train station to book my train to Hamburg. This cost 47 Euro which was quite alot!! But arr well.. After that I headed back to the hostel and got in around 7ish. Unfortunately nowhere nearby had money exchanges so I went on a 2 hour mission to exchange some money into euros. More than once today I got on the right train in the wrong direction. the labelling here in Berlin is really terrible!! But id always just ask someone. Just before I asked a girl who was in the 12th class who was really friendly. We had a cool chat in german about all kindsa stuff and i fully missed my stop ha ha shame.. But now Im here in the nearby cyber cafe (near the hostel are 3 good eating places - reasonable ones too, a big pool, a gym, a bank, a laundrette, a iunternet cafe, two supermarkets and a train station!) and its quarter past nine, and ive been awake for like 36 hours.. Im sure im gonna start going crazy soon so even tho I got half an hour of internet time left I might just call it a day ay! Im shattered, but looking forward to seeing some more Berlin sights tomorrow!!

Its weird being back at germany, I feel so at home, yet im doing the big city touristy thing like I have been in all the other places and it feels kinda odd.. hard to explain! I havent used any english yet tho which has been fun yet challenging at points :). man beds gonna be nice tonight!!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 54!!

The rest of yesterday was kinda interesting. I walked around a bit.. decided Id go and see a few more buildings, so I walked along to St Pauls but it was closed. I hubng out in the gardens outside for a while tho which was really nice. The roses especially smelt incredible!! Soon I made friends with this incredibly cute squirrel. It was the cutest little dude out ay!! Reminded me heaps of my girls at home actually. We went for a walk, and he came up and sniffed and put his paws on my hands a few times, and he did some acrobatics and stuff for me.. and in return I found a few nuts for him.. It was so much fun, and he was soooo cute!! I got a few pictures which is sweet, so hopefully in sweden I can start uploading some (got alot of catching up to do!!).

After this I went to the guild hall which was a nice old building.. and then I went to the Bank of England which was a cool big old historic building. This place is like the Reserve Bank here in NZ. While walking along one side of the building I noticed something ontop of a bus shelter kinda obscured from view.. I thought it was a little strange.. maybe a kids toy.. but I decided to clamber some stuff and have a look. It was a weird thing that I couldnt figure out so I took a picture of it. After checking out the photo I noticed that it was a little suspicious.. A ball with spikes coming out of it to keep it where it was laying, and lots of matches pertruding out of it too. The ball was made of two putty type materials, an two orange semi-spheres separated by some green stuff. I thought this could be quite dodgy.. some random putty thing with matches in it outside the Bank of England on a bus shelter.. So I looked around for a cop. Couldnt find one so I went into the bank and told the security and showed them the picture. They thanked me and congratulated me and stuff and notified the police and got their cameras on it and stuff. :) was quite cool!! And little old me found it! If it was something serious I coulda stopped something that probably woulda made international news if it had gone off (especially seeing as theres just been this terror stuff here). So yeah! Cool!

After that I headed off coz I didnt wanna get caught up with police reports and jumped on the tube, after which I called home before calling my cousin Kate who lived super close to my hostel actually :). She walked down to the station where I was waiting and we wandered back to her and Brandons flat. It was quite funny, when I talked to her on the phone she had quite a strong british accent, but talking with me and stuff it dissapeared quite soon. Altho I suppose thats to be expected tho :). Anyway.. Their flat is really nice!! Its near a park and a pool, and near the Thames. Its just a few minutes from a tube station too! They flat with 3 others, Zoe, Nicola I think (shes not here) and Andy. They are nice too!

Once I was there Kate gave me the grand tour, and we sat in the lounge and chatted for a while. It was really nice catching up with them. I have never spent much time with Brandon before, and spent the most time with Kate when I was younger so we both are alot different and stuff too. It was great ay, Brandons a cool as guy, hes really quality, and Kates awesome too. Both really friendly and accomadating, its been great! Later on we hung out in their room for a while, and I got to admire some great shots Kate had made that were up on their wall, and also had a flick through a big photo album of some of their travels through Europe which was cool as too!!

Around 12 I went back down to the lounge where my bed was and went to sleep.

In the morning I got up around 8.30 and kinda milled and did nothing for a few minutes. After this I got all my stuff together, and started a load of washing. I forgot my towel and shorts which was a shame.. but its all good! I had a shower and some toast (finished off my peanut butter), and then after having a small chat to Zoe I unloaded the washing and put it in a drying room, packed up my gears and walked to the Tube station around 11.

I went to Saint Pauls and had a look inside which was SUPER impressive! Its the second biggest church in the world behind Saint Peters in the Vatican.. and it was equally nice inside. Not quite so many sculptures, but it was lighter, and the ceiling and decorations and stuff were really nice. I couldnt see it all coz I didnt wanna pay.. but thats sweet. After this I walked over to the Tate Modern Musuem and had about an hour there. Some of it was rubbish, like a blue canvas or something like that.. But there was alot of really cool stuff too! I really liked the 'beyond poetry and surreal' room, it was great!! And some of the physical pieces of art were really good too!

I only had an hour there, and wanted more.. but It was time to go to the Globe! I got there nice and early, and therefore I got the most PRIMO spot!! I was right at the front and had the best view of the whole stage. I actually got to lean on the front of the stage :D!! It was such that I didnt get a weird perspective like sometimes happens with front seats.. It was just perfect!! I got to see the actors really close (see the bits of spit coming out) AMAZING!!

The play itself (A comdey of errors) was GREAT! I hadnt read or seen it before and I loved it. A very entertaining comedy! And the actors did a great job. Especially one. Ha ha the best part tho was in the scene when Dromio (one of the servants) is describing to his master (the Antipholus from Syracuse) describing the massive fat lady who was pursueing him in order to take him. The script goes on as he describes her size, then he calls her spherical, and compares her to the world and says you could find countries on her. To this Antipholus replies 'where was Ireland' and Dromio says, then he asks where Scotland was, and France, then England. After this he asks where America was.. The way he had planned to do it was 'where (bemused silence) was america' but straight after he said 'where' someone in the audience shouted out 'SPAIN!' ha ha ha!! This isnt in the script and everyone cracked up. The poor actor kinda paused and looked down with a big grin and kind cracked a little, then recovered, then cracked a little again.. all the time everyones cracking up. Finally he turned to Dromio and sheepishly said 'and Spain?'. It was so hilarious! And Dromio adlibbed a great answer that brought them back to the script :D.

At half time I met a lady from America called Elizabeth which was nice (and got reminded that unless i say Richarrrrrrrrd when I say my name they think I say Richie :D). The second half was great too, and it was all finished at 4.30 or so> I so wanted to book a ticket for the 7.30 show of Anthony and Cleopatra because I enjoyed it so much, and it woulda been great to see a different genre there.. But I wanted to do other stuff, and thought I should get home at a reasonable hour so I didnt. From here I tubed to the Victoria and Albert Museum (poked my head in the Natural History Museum on the way which looked great too). This place was great!! I only had an hour and I looked at as much as I could, but oh man it was great!! Up there with the lourve, but lots of casts of original sculptures instead of originals and stuff.. but there were great exhibits. I especially loved the Japanese sectiuon!! I have to go there some time soon!

Man.. Ive never been a super cultral kinda guy.. I like music but thats about it.. but the more art and theater and museums I see the more I totally love it.. There are so many places I want to spend days in now here in London and other places but I have no time :( Its such a shame.. And I mean Wellington has reasonable culture.. but its not even a scratch on these European cities.. :S ah well.

After closing time at V&A I wandered past Harrods just to see it (and saw a HOT Astin Martin, then an equally cool Lamborghini on the way!). From here I tubed home and got there about 7. Soon after Kate got home and we had a talk for a while, and then Brandon came down from his room and we talked and watched news and stuff. They are really great and Im glad I could visit them!
Kate made some delicious burritos for dinner, and after that I started trying to check my flight (cant coz I dont have my credit card number.. grr) and writing this blog. I gotta catch a bus at like 1 am, to get to a bus at 3 am to be at the airport in time for my 6.25 flight (lets hope it flies!).
Dunno when im gonna get any sleep in there :S.. but we will see!

Till next time :D!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day 53!

Yesterday I just caught the tube back home after writing the blog and stuff. On the way to the tube I heard a young busker who had the most angelic voice! It was totally breathtaking, so I put a few p in her jar and sat to listen for a while. It was truely great!! Anyhow, after that I rocked on up to the hostel and was feeling like a blob out so went to the Tv room (coz id actually understand it! A rare chance for me..). First on was Big Brother which was relatively rubbish.. and after than Bulletproof monk was on.. Now I know you could probably read the name and tell how awful it was gonna be.. but I watched it anyway. Decidedly average... But oh well it was a nice relax anyways. Jessica Chloe and Katie-Lee were down there watching too, and the young brazillian guy from my room was hardout trying to put the moves on them. :) was quite funny! But meh.. Anyway thats about it really.

I got up earlier this morning (around 7.30) and had a shower before heading down to brekky. I had a nice relaxed breakfast and chatted to Mandy and Katie-Lee for a while, and then went back to my room for a while. I then came back down and said bye coz their flight back to Scotland was departing this afternoon, and they needed to get to the airport early cozza all the disruptions and all.

After farewells I went and called home for a while. Kristin was visitng (an good american friend of our church from LA for those who dunno her) for dinner so I had a little chat to her aswell which was nice seeing as I am missing her visit. It started raining while I was talking on the phone... So much for a heatwave!! But after checking out and depositing my bag I went off to the tube and took it to Saint James Park and lined outside Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guards. It was raining and I had no umbrella.. So it wasnt the most comfortable.. And it took like forever for the new guards to arrive. It was good to say ive watched it.. but nothing special really!! Ill have to go to some big tattoo sometime or something to get some serious funny-dressed guard performances :).

After this I walked for quite a while. I visited Picadilly Circus then down along to trafalgar square. I then wandered down and looked at Downing street and then wandered some more streets. It was really cool seeing so many street names Id heard of.. like from monopoly. Pall Mall, Regent Street, The Strand.. all that :) I walked along alot of them :D. I also walked up Wellington street ha ha :) represent!! Oh that reminds me :D!!!

I was wandering aimlessly (dont use my map much here.. dunno why.. its quite big so I cant be stuffed). And I started walking up Drury Lane :D!! ha ha ha ha, so I started walking next to this young guy in a suit and he said hi, so I thought ahh what the heck.. and I asked him 'so do YOU know the muffin man?'. Lol! He kinda looked at me funny, so I said 'yeah, I hear he lives somewhere around here' and then i think he clicked where we were and kinda grimaced.. But hey, It was some fun randomness and im never gonna see him again! :D.

After this I stuffed around for ages with an annoying Western Union lady and got another shipment of cash that should last me till Sweden now, and then had a look around some shops. i bought some new iPod headphones as the right headphone on my original pair had seen better days.. It was In three parts :). I then went to Pizza hut because I thought I missed fast food... Well 10 minutes and 11 slices and 2 bowls of pasta later I realised I really dont miss it at all.. I had a few bowls of icecream just coz id paid 1.50 pound for it.. and left feeling awful, and my stomach feeling like it was gonna explode at any time. Even as I write this I feel rotten.. Nasty nasty pizza... Uggh.. Well im not gonna have anything else to eat today, I feel disgusting.. Dunno how I managed so many that time with Bernie at Hells ha ha! Although this time I had some serious pace going on so that probably didnt help. Maybe this is my first ever case of indigestion!! I bet it is because ive been eating alot differently since travelling, and my body has probably lost some of its old food-vaccuuming skills :D. I think thats probably a good thing tho!!

Anyhow, after checking out Regent Street for a while and looking at the BBC building I found this internet cafe for 2 pound an hour (not super cheap but cant complain really) so thats me up to now (5pm). I dont think Ill get up to much more today. Tonight and Tomorrow night im staying with Kate and Brandon, so thatll be fun! Londons pretty nice, wouldnt wanna live here tho.. I like alot more of the other cities ive seen more really.. but its still nice!!! Shame I havent had great weather.. but it hasnt stopped me doing anything yet so thats cool.

Only 1 and a half more days of english signs, english speakers and english Tv/Radio and then its all over for a good 6 months :S.. scary. Oh well!

Talk to ya again soon!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 52!

Today I got up at 8ish and had a shower before heading down to my nice brekky. I had a good feed, and met a couple of German guys from Bayern, and then after clearing up I met the girls and Mandy, and after a while hanging out we left and headed off to the El-Shaddai Internation Christian Center. This was a large church with alot of dark skinned people. We arrived and the worship was in full swing. I LOVED IT!! It was probably my favourite worship session ever. there was a big choir, an awesome worship leader, and everyone was just having a great time and dancing and singing. It sounded incredible, the atmosphere was great, and I got so into it. Near the end I just like cried and cried as I sang.. I wasnt sad.. it was just awesome!

After this we sat down and the guest speaker was from the states. Its quite classic.. this place was like the stereotypical black churches you hear of, where the prechers allways getting you to say stuff to your neighbour, is always working up the crowd, and the crowds allways feedbacking with AMENs and stuff :). the sermon was ok.. but I disagreed with a few points.. like christians will get money and riches if they understand.. and that enjoying life involves looking good, buying fast cars, and spending heaps on possessions and stuff.. he also implied that Satan had power over God and that God wasnt Sovereign and that we decided when we would die and he had no power over that.. just our salvation.. and that 'understanding' is the main aim of the christian..
I dunno.. I just think if this were true when Jesus was asked what was the most important commandment he would have said it was understanding, and not love, which I believe is the be all and end all. And Theres so many verses about riches, worldly possessions and stuff that I couldnt take the stuff he said about that.. But some of what he said was great.. Its weird he would say some stuff.. then read out something that in principal contradicted it.. kinda jumped around the bible.. dunno, just found his doctrine a bit wishy washy and wondered how sound it was.. But the wroship was incredible and I was glad I went!!

After this I said bye, and went to the Camden Markets which Jacob the british guy had recommended.. It was raining but it was still cool.. tho I see why Abimbola and Laura were a bit hesitant when I said I was gonna go there.. there was alot of 'alternative' stuff around.. But it was cool to have a look around, enjoy some good food, and do some shopping. There was so much here.. but it was quite crowded so I couldnt shop much.. but thats cool.

After this I went into more central london and walked around some streets and shops for a while. I bought some jeans and just checked out some of the place. Around 6ish I went to the big 'we will rock you' stageshow theater.. Dominion Theater where Laura and Abimbola had told me a Hillsong church met at 6.30. I walked in and the service was already underway (musta started early). It was crazy going to church in a theater, with a huge big band and stage and stuff.. but It was great! The singing was awesome, and the message about testimonies and stuff was really good too. I hope Martha and the girls found it and got to the service as I had told them about it and they were keen to go.. but I didnt see them.

Anyway.. the service was incredible, and I enjoyed it heaps. I loved having so much church today. id do it more often if I could. After this at about 7ish I saw that subway had a internet cafe in it (the smell an computers so reminded me of the place in Johnsonville.. I miss that!). And here I am.. I bought 2 hours and now im fully up to date :D! Its quarter to nine and soon Ill tube back to the hostel, probably rinf home and then get some drink, do some reading and go to sleep. The next two nights ill be staying with my cousin Katie and her Husband Brandon so that'll be great!!

Ill letcha know if anything specialy or apart from what I have predicted here happens tonight in the next post.. Man theres quite alot to read for you guys in the last few days posts ive put up.. I dont think ive forgotten too much, so thats cool!

Im so thirsty :S lol

Buh Bye!! :D!